Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Update


the last 3 weeks has just been INSANE, crazy busy, but its now over, I really bsed all my final assignments =<, not a good thing, rushing things makes you not learn as much as you could. I find that it's only in times where you actually have no spare time that you have the most creativity and urge to paint/draw/do things for yourself. Figures, and probably this drive that I have now for creating pretty things will probably leave me by the end of the week leaving me to do nothing for the summer haha, lets hope not =)

usual doodles

DS colors

This one was pretty fun, everyday before I go to sleep, I spend up to 30 minutes painting a part of my room on Colors for 4 days. I turned off all opacity control to practice colour seeing and basically choosing all the colours i put on the canvas. Then I put them together, pretty cool, there's only 4 parts to the collage and you can tell where they end cause my perception of colour of my walls change every day haha. A little bit of editing in photoshop to connect them as best I can, the panaramic perspective is a little wierd to illustrate.

another day's 30min closeup study of my water cup

Layout 3hour speedpaint

I noticed I have uploaded a layout painting with each of my posts, so I'll continue that haha. This is a long pan for storyboard so the composition when seeing this whole thing is just aweful. Not even going to go through all the bad parts about it.


A wip i'm working on, started the sketch like a month ago, never got time to work on it, I'm still at a sketch tweeking stage where I'm moving stuff around and changing stuff for the composition, I'm gonna take my time with this one, hopefully I can use all the things I've learned these past months and use it.

Critiques are always welcome, say mean stuff, don't hold back =) if you really want, you can post anonymously (I think I turned anon posting on).


Donovan Liu said...

getting PROer and PROer mann

Mário said...

Really amazing. Have you tried doind it only with pencil or a single pen?
I'll keep an eye here.

Nikolas said...

nice sketches looking forward to seeing the penciled sketch CG-ed oh snap

Lee said...

yeah, the sketches are usually done with pencil and pen, but this time I tried something different.

Skyers said...

That pan shot seems pretty cool. Did you ever shot test it?

Lee said...

nah didn't have time =<

Jeffrey Ho said...

good work lee. keep it up

Leon JO said...

can sense improvements with each posts!!
cant wait for the sketch to be fully cged!!

Lwang said...

hehe your room has pink walls =P

Art Fan Ako said...

Wonderful sketches, doodles, paintings. I enjoyed looking at your work!