Saturday, March 6, 2010

Song of storms

Been listening to the Ocarina of Time sound track, good times, memories, nostalgia, etc
I really like piano renditions of classic tracks, and just piano in general haha.

2 Life painting sessions, I think I'm starting to be able to work the oil to what I wanna do now...sorta haha.

the second session I used a more limited palette and I learned so much doing it, gonna go with this method for now and add more colours as I start to get more comfortable with it.

I scraped the painting over my gym bag by accident so there went all the rendering on the face and body of this one haha.

OH yeah, I'm also looking for a sketchbook that can take watercolours and still is good for fine rendering with pencil at the same time, anyone know of anything that fits the bill? The sketchbooks I have now can take watercolour very nicely but is way too rough for pencil rendering ;_;