Monday, March 23, 2009

March Update

Uploading a bunch of random sketches and doodles. I really want to do some pokemon fanart =/, but boy it's so busy these days it's insane.

first up DS Colors doodles, facebook doodles, any sort of random unfinished doodles.

School stuff

sketches and studies


Christie said...

Awesome little paint doodles! And woahz, so much improvement! you keep on rocking

Stevie said...

You are so very talented, I'm so jealous of the stuff you're doing :) you're drawing drawing drawing keep it up! :)

I looove that little color study of the kitchen and your figures have so much life to them. I love it :)

Nikolas said...

wow lee im so impressed with your comedy relief character... such a different style lol.

Donovan Liu said...

wow getting so pro