Tuesday, May 12, 2009


yay finally done. Around 2 weeks work.

The concept for this painting changed a lot from the initial stages. This is for that good vs. evil thing on dA. I wanted to show how choice and perception affects everything. Me and Wesley and some guys were just chatting a while back about the environment and stuff like that and wes mentioned that even though we're aware of what we are doing and are aware of all the changes that need to be done, we don't do it. And how we always say the experts would figure it out, but the thing is, that the experts and scientists or whatever HAVE already figured out how to solve the problem and has been telling us what to do for so long. Stop burning fossil fuels, too much forest clearcutting, eat healthier, everything like that. We choose to keep doing the things we do and if we don't change ourselves, then there won't be a miracle solution to our problems until we get pushed to the very edge of the cliff. if you eat fast food and shyt on a regular basis and yet you're middle aged and complain about health problems, no fking shyt.

Perception, is our point of view, how we view the things around us. In this painting I wanted to show the dual aspects of perception. do you perceive the monsters to be the "bad" guys hunting the innocent woman in the forest or is the woman the "bad" person taking their fruit and the monsters are just guarding their dominion against outsiders. I think sometimes we give judgment too preemptively. I know i do it a lot, something to try and change =)

anyways that was a lot of rambling, Crits really wanted thanks =)


Grillou said...



is my new hero.

rainy colors = siiiick?
tres james jean-esque

the more the thought behind a piece the stronger it will be. Wether it's thought about the concept and idea, or the lighting and compostion and structure, pack as much thought/direction in as possible!

pokemon are still lame.

Art Fan Ako said...

Reminds me of Eve, as in Adam and Eve. Nice!

Ryu 62 said...

sick stuff bro, I always dig your digital stuff man

Lee said...

ah thanks all =)

Timothy Chan said...

whoaa lee!!
crazzzy awesome!! just checked out your entire blog
keep up the excellent work!