Thursday, March 8, 2012


A picture to go with blog post! Started this one a while ago, jumped back to render it for fun.

I jumped from the Shannara books I mentioned a couple of posts down to Brandon Sanderson books. I stopped at the 3rd book of the Shannara series, got too repetitive/boring. The first books from Brandon Sanderson that I read through was the Mistborn trilogy, very popular books right now I think. I started reading it because I saw Sam Weber's sweet cover illustration for it when he uploaded it recently(, the first book is really good. The second and third books were OK and finished the story nicely, but not as much of a page turner as the first book. The first book would make a good Hollywood movie haha. After that I read The Alloy of Law which is a spin off from the same world as Mistborn, it was alright. The magic system in the world is really fun, would make a great game system imo. Just yesterday I finished Elantris, a stand alone book from him, also a very good book, although the story is a little generic, but most fantasy books are pretty similar. Get the audio books from him when you are painting or sketching, it's very fun!

Going to move on to another author now =)