Monday, August 23, 2010

Journey to the West

It's not really based on journey to the west, the tentative title was Journey for the file name and they are facing

An rpg group traveling. (From L->R)
Shaman - Warrior - Oracle - Summoner - Spirit Healer

yeah I just really wanna play diablo3..

Monday, August 16, 2010

digi sketches

(big image file)

I been doing 40-50 minute sketches on with the Imaginism crew. In the sessions or marathons, you have 1 hour to draw/paint the idea/topic and then vote on your favourite one at the end. These are some recent ones I did in the past 2 weeks(there's more but I just selected the better ones haha). It really helps you think faster and get ideas down faster when doing these. The ones before I could hardly get just the tonal B/Ws done in the 50 minutes, but I've been able to use colour soon after that, it's good practice and good for warmup haha. Last 2 pics are studies.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


theme for this month =>

This one is still early WIP, I need to finish this painting by next week. The idea is that these are sorta like an amazon RPG group, from L->R, the Black mage/Shaman, Warrior, Chieftain/Oracle (group buffs =>), Summoner, and the Cleric/Spirit healer. The composition kinda sucks cause I just started from left to right in the sketchbook =/, needs more tonal adjustments before colours. crits welcomeee.

and random painting of zelda I didn't post from a while ago.