Monday, August 16, 2010

digi sketches

(big image file)

I been doing 40-50 minute sketches on with the Imaginism crew. In the sessions or marathons, you have 1 hour to draw/paint the idea/topic and then vote on your favourite one at the end. These are some recent ones I did in the past 2 weeks(there's more but I just selected the better ones haha). It really helps you think faster and get ideas down faster when doing these. The ones before I could hardly get just the tonal B/Ws done in the 50 minutes, but I've been able to use colour soon after that, it's good practice and good for warmup haha. Last 2 pics are studies.


Skim said...

LOL I never saw that beaver thing! That ones my favourite.


bO said...

you get very good at it!!!

Leon JO said...

I like them all!!

so anyone can join this session?

Lee said...


@leon, yeah anyone could join

Chenxi said...

yooooo the first one and the waterlily ones are hella good. do more of these pls! :)