Tuesday, August 3, 2010


theme for this month =>

This one is still early WIP, I need to finish this painting by next week. The idea is that these are sorta like an amazon RPG group, from L->R, the Black mage/Shaman, Warrior, Chieftain/Oracle (group buffs =>), Summoner, and the Cleric/Spirit healer. The composition kinda sucks cause I just started from left to right in the sketchbook =/, needs more tonal adjustments before colours. crits welcomeee.

and random painting of zelda I didn't post from a while ago.


Nikolas Ilic said...

these look great! i love the WIP one it has like a old vintage feel to it pretty sweet. You are making history t-dog lol

Orkimede said...

I discovered you yesterday during the marathon session.

The scout is just great, realy dynamique.

Love your style, your in my fav now.

Leon JO said...

First one's epic!!!

bO said...

I'm discovering your work (I'm on sketchoholic too)and it's simply amazing!! you are a motivation to me, to learn et become better!

Abe Taraky said...

Amazing, I love your use of focus in the coloured jungle painting. Great work.