Thursday, April 1, 2010


No time to paint with the group film due in 2 weeks but been painting this one off and on every couple of days before bed. Feels like somethings missing, but can't place what it is.

and random art dump

quick story boards/concepts


richytruong said...


oh, and I think the thing that your painting is missing is ears, none of the heads have any.

It's cool though. : D
That musician reminds me of an Asari.

Storyboard panels are looking good,
can't wait to see the finished film!

Jean Liang said...

that painting is beautiful :D

it reminds me of the pied piper combined with snow white and the seven dwarfs XD I love the faces of those old men haha!

Christie said...

Duude, your blog is looking quite badass right now. Keep it up! I love that animation action analysis you did :D Looking forward to seeing where animation takes you!

Lee said...

thanks guys =>