Thursday, February 18, 2010

one piece ;_;

Oils turned out a little better than acrylics, I think I'm gonna stick with water soluable oils for these sessions now.

maybe paint this sketch, but it's not finished =/


RAWLS said...

Fantastic work Lee! Really great stuff my friend.

Domee said...

Omg title~ If you're talking about what I think you'r talking about.... T___T I can't believe it! Whaaaaaaa

I like your sketchbook lifedrawings the most :>

Chenxi said...

omg you finally updated your info, i swear it was on "2nd year animation student" for the longest time lol!!

i like the 3rd pic! =)

Wesley Blondin said...

man your getting so much better, i wish you were still in my class you would have been great on our film or d2. are you coming back to our group next year? how does that work

Lee said...

thanks guys =>

@Wesley, lol I dunno, but it won't matter next year much anyways ahah, everyones doing their own thing I guess =|

Sanatan said...

Great stuff! esp the traditional figurative stuff.