Friday, February 8, 2013

Costume(Class) Design

Design for a project a few months ago, put on hold so might as well upload it. Using color accent on different areas for a clear read on different types of character(class) even from far away(game view)

Been doing studies the past month so that's why the lack of updates but I'll have some stuff to upload soon..

In totally unrelated ramble I really really want to play the new Fire Emblem on 3DS, but have to buy a 3DS to play it =__=...why am I am a cheap asian dude.


Jean Liang said...

Aww so cute!!! Lol the 3ds price is fairly okay now!!! Buy ittt!!!

chang said...

yey! that an egg on the end of that staff?

Lee Tao said...

@Chang - Yeah! She's a bird shaman or something

@Jean -Thanks! it's still like $160-170 for a device arg(with the XL version being 200)...I never use my ds anymore so that why I'm hesitant to invest in a 3ds...I'm so cheap huehuehue.

Nikolas Ilic said...


christopher makerewich said...

cool designs lee!
maybe stop being such a baller down south and just buy it already..