Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life paintings and Dark Souls

2.5 hour sessions.
Trying to get faster mixing the right colours and the block-ins. Always run
out of time for finishing touches for darks and highlights at the end.

Played Dark Souls last month, it's not without problems but wow, such a good game, great improvements over the first game in most areas. No two boss fights are the same; the subtle and non blatant story suggestions adds to the atmosphere so much. The last third of the game feels rushed though and it basically had no ending, but overall probably my favourite game this far.


Elaine Chen said...

I liked these two's colors=D

Nikolas Ilic said...


Adriana Pucciano said...

Wicked stuff.. I am loooovving the mood here!

Wesley Blondin said...

The light is so sickly and erie. Love it lee as always.

Nicholas Hong said...

nice,i really like 2nd painting!