Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fly away now

Designing my seedling character for my film =>

Man, 1 more month until Panty & Stocking OST comes out. Can't wait, M-flo did a pretty good job with the soundtrack so far haha, reminiscent of Nujabes' soundtrack for Samurai Champloo, so many good tracks from that.

I wasted a weekend of my time that I should be working on my film on..Rune Factory 3 =/. Harvest Moon games are always addictive, gotta maximize my cropssss.


Ian MacDonald said...

awesome dude! can't wait to see this in motion! But yeah after you mentioned panty and stocking I totally understood the title of the post haha.

Nikolas Ilic said...

you and your seedlings. Nice sketch though.

Abe Taraky said...

Wicked stuff Lee.

Ruby Chen said...

the seedlings are awesome!

Christie said...

Dang, this looks cool!

Keep rockin' the drawings and paintings! :D