Saturday, June 6, 2009

maybe daily?

Thinking about doing dailys

today at work they were talking about some UFC so I did a sketch after work => ugh, working really sucks but its a neccessity. I'm trying to not blame work and saying I don't have enough time to practice, so I'm aiming to do productive stuff even after work. No procrastinating haha.

1.5 hours prob, I WANT TO RENDER MOOOOORE, but I need to sleep now -.-


Chris Lee said...

alright man i'm mad at u

lol w/e i hope ur having nice summer..eventhogh it's gay cold these days

Stevie said...

WOW lee, your stuff is fantastic, amazing, wow .. wow .. you have grown so much in the last year! I'm envious of your skills! Someday we'll have to go sketching! even if its way far into the future.