Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September Update

I really like the sith picture, even though it's only a speed paint, something about that composition I really like =/. The dragon layout thing I might work on some more, not motivated to finish it.

These 2 are studies from William Whitaker's paintings, an amazing oil painter, I want to study in his classes ;_;. The 2nd one is traditional oil.


basset said...

ah lee, we miss u at school.

cool stuff as always, keep painting! :D

Leon JO said...
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Leon JO said...


Jae wont do the ACG girl

Lwang said...

cool, using oils hehe >_< beware of the poisonous fume 0_0

Lee said...

thanks, this time i used some water soluble oils so none of those toxic turps and stuff =)

and yeah i don't think i would do the acg girl either leon =<

Grillou said...


Your skills with pigmented jelly are impressive.

teach me all you know or I will destroy you.

-love wesley