Monday, January 28, 2008


Random study practice from last week.

The b/w girls are from pictures by these 2 popular chinese artists, dunno their name, I just have one of their picture books. The other ones were studies from random pictures I found on my HD. I also threw in 2 layout concepts. Each around 30 minutes to a hour.


Domee said...

Oh nice :) Man you're so good at painting! *jealous*

basset said...

yoooo lee pro :)

.......didn't know you had a blog xD

must stalk must stalk

Ayan said...

Those are sick dude...find them better than the previous ones....hope to get some tutoring.

Dee said...

Leeee! I didn't know you had a blog! O:!

Yummy faces d00d, loving the blue girl especially. *adds you to links list*

Lwang said...

Pretty paintings <3